For those who have considered or are considering becoming an escort, the profession looks attractive based on the rates that escorts charge. It is true that this kind of work can allow you to earn larger sums of cash in a much shorter period than many conventional jobs. Like most things in life, such a high chance of reward is not without a corresponding high risk. Before you make the decision to provide escort services, check out this subset of dangers of becoming an escort.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)/Pregnancy

Escort work is not necessarily sex work. In fact, there are escorts who do not provide sexual services. However, most of them do and as such, are exposed to all the risks that come along with engaging in sexual intercourse. Even if you only provide sexual services with protection, you should be aware that abstinence from sex is truly the only fool proof way of avoiding risks. Such risks include STDs and pregnancy. If you are using a condom, it can end up torn and all it takes is one time. In the context of STDs, you will never know your clients’ sexual history and so you take this chance every time.

You could be harmed/killed

As you know, not everyone is who they say they are and not everyone has the intentions they claim to have. If you do incall services, you risk inviting someone with malicious intent into your home. This person could even travel with several other persons with the intent to rob, rape, or even kill you. Outcall services are even riskier as you are travelling out of your comfort zone into a place you may not know to someone whose true intentions you can only guess. Escorts have been robbed and abused and it’s important that you try to be as vigilant as possible of your surroundings.

You may no longer be accepted

Not every escort tells the people in their lives what they do for a living, however, escort accounts have revealed that the people who matter to them the most are fully aware. This is a sensitive issue such as revealing homosexuality (coming out) and you will never know what the reaction of those you love will be until it happens. It is just as likely that you will be rejected as it is that you will be embraced.

You probably cannot maintain a healthy relationship

Some escorts mitigate this by not telling their significant other what they do for a living. This approach is already indicating that the relationship is unhealthy as there is a huge secret being kept. When your job is to provide companionship and comfort (sometimes in a sexual manner) to strangers, it’s a huge pill to swallow for someone who is interested in you. There is also the fact that, depending on the type of person you are, certain repetitive experiences during your work may lead you to become desensitized to certain gestures, love making techniques, etc., that you significant other may employ in your relationship.

Being an escort pays when it is going well, however, you need to understand that it is a line of work that can turn your life upside down in an instant.