If you are intending to make use of escort services, one of the first things you must do is find an escort. A suitable escort is more than one who simply indicates she’s willing to do all you need. It is also important that your escort is reputable. Let’s look at how to find and identify reputable escorts.

Escort Sites

The best place to start your search is on escort sites as this is where the best escort listings reside. Some of the most advisable sites for this are:

  • Escortdirectory.com
  • Eroticmonkey.com
  • Eros.com
  • CityVibe.com

Finding a good website is only part of the battle as these sites, while known for being reputable, are not exempt from catfishes and scams. If your attraction level is sparked by physical appearance, then you quite likely will find an attractive looking escort in mere minutes that offers all the services you desire. There are a few warning signs which, while not always the case, are red flags that indicate that something is awry. We would advise that you stay away whenever you see these signs just to be on the safe side. Some of these are:

  • Listing in multiple cities – Logically, a person can only be in one place at a time. If an escort has listings for multiple cities, especially those that are far from each other, chances are this is a scam and you should pass on this escort.
  • Image search hits – Using random pictures is another sign that the escort is a scammer. Images online can be searched by right clicking on the image and selecting “Search image on Google” (this may require certain browsers to do). The search reveals all the places where the search engine has detected the image. Usually if an image is getting multiple hits that are not related to the same person, then a scam is the reason.
  • Studio pictures – This one sort of follows from the point before. The point of posting a picture is for potential clients to be shown what to visually expect from the escort they are considering. This is akin to a profile photo on a social network which are not usually given all the polish that a those of a model may have. The studio quality images can be a warning sign and we would advise applying the same search technique listed above.

Agency Use and Background checks

You should also consider making use of agencies. Reputable agencies usually have an array of escorts and help in the selection process by appealing to your tastes. While using agencies is generally safer than using independent escorts, it is usually a costlier decision as the cost must allow profit for both the agencies and their escorts.

Finally, you may want to consider making use of your trusty search engine once again to gain some background insights into your escort. If your escort has been in the business for any acceptable period to become reputable, chances are you can find info such as reviews by checking out her work name.

Remember that this is simply the step of choosing an escort, exercise caution and stay alert when meeting the escort as well.